PIPE by BMX Streets [2020] (KxmiDRM)

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Date : 14/01/2020
Game Notes :  Mash Games has been in the works of developing the all around EPIC console
game BMX Streets. Mash Games chose to stay away from options such as crowd
sourcing, and has been actively engaging followers through physics demo
releases and the BMX Streets mobile game. Myself along with the small Mash
Games team, have been working incredibly hard to define and develop the
future of BMX (and other extreme sports) video game physics, from an
independent level. The community has shown tremendous support through these
projects, and its now that I would like to introduce you to. BMX Streets: PIPE
Requires a controller. Optimized for Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers You don't need to install it or anything, just launch PIPE.exe (direct play)  Note : I bought the game today and got the files, it has no DRM and it has the last update, meaning you can install mods, enjoy :-) 


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